We work with our partners and clients to drive opportunities for new international business ventures by providing insight and strategy from our extensive market experience. Furthermore, our services include promoting and lobbying on behalf of international businesses.

Our team can provide services in multiple industries including the telecommunications, media, IT, trade,  consulting services and alternative/traditional energy fields.

Our methodologies in developing partnerships across borders and the region include:

  • Providing the needed technical and contextual information to facilitate foreign companies’ entry into the MENA market and beyond
  • Identifying growth opportunities that create increased business value
  • Representing foreign companies with Cypress Corporation acting as the regional collaborator and operational resource in the MENA region

Cypress creates channels for projects that will add the most value to a company’s business growth by:

  • Offering recommendations for resource efficient operations within the MENA region with networks in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Northern Europe
  • Preparing organizations for the challenges associated with business opportunities in the MENA region
  • Establishing high value networks with a solid base on the ground in the UAE and the MENA region overall
  • Facilitating the settlement of contracts between foreign business entities and regulators 
  • Promoting increased volume through representative negotiation for the client, as well as the lobbying of the contract settlement